Back in the Groove

Still prepping for another marathon. My long run is now up to two hours. It always surprises me how the entire running experience changes when this happens. Below two hours, runs are still conversational and fun. As soon as I pass the second hour running, I go inward. It really helps my scholarship, but it definitely changes the way I interact with other people and my environment.


Good Call for Papers

Clay Spinuzzi has put out a Call for Papers for a TCQ special issue on Tech Comm in the Age of Distributed Work.

If you are on the edge of considering submitting something, let me encourage you to give it a try. This looks like one of those things that will be, in retrospect, very important (not that it doesn't seem that way now--just that it looks like something that is both timely and ahead-of-its-time) Clay is very personable, and will let you know if you fit in with this project.


I'm back in Town

Back in the saddle. Sorry for the long break. See picture below for a clue to where I was the past few weeks.