True That

"Google does a great job of monetizing intent," says Ray Valdes, an analyst at Gartner Research. "It knows what I'm searching for and it can show me relevant ads. But social networks are not about intent."

I could not have said it any better. Burke, my friends, not Aritstotle rules in the social media realm.

A Short Message

I would just like to say something brief to both of the Democratic Presidential candidates. (work safe, but salty language--beware tender hearts)


The Definition of Optimism

The guy at the bottom of this photo created this sortashocking ode to the guy at the top of the photo. I actually went to school with Halcyon Styn, the pink-perched and camera-bedecked compiler of the diptych (we graduated the same year, and were fellow members in the UofR Yeomen).

Here's the punchline. When I look at the guy at the top, I think "problem." When Halcyon sees the picture, he thinks "passion" and makes the diptych. Halcyon, my friends, demonstrates what we call optimism.


Information Bombing

It looks like Apple and/or Radiohead might be gaming popular music algorithms. While the masters of payola may be crying foul, I say w00t yet again to the surfers of the information economy. I, for one, welcome our new overlords...