Eating Route 66

FYI foodies (and the food-blogging floggers), a couple of repatriated Duke City Bloggers have made a New Year's resolution to eat at EVERY restaurant on Route 66 in Albuquerque. To this end, the two posters (Eckelberg and Grumblecake) have tied in Google's mapping function to their individual reviews on their Travel Flog. Pure genius.


Actual Textbook Title

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (William Werther Jr. and David Chandler).

Anyone else spot the problem with that title?


Maverick Cograts

Congratulations to South African "Twiggy" Baker for the upset win at the 2006 Mavericks Big Wave Surf Contest. There were a lot of 40-footers and the 6-8 wave sets were pretty tight and dangerous (naturally!).

If you want to see it on TV, NBC will broadcast it on May 13.

There are a few decent writeups on the contest, if you look around.


Curling as Political Protest

If you want to help Washington D.C. get representation with their taxation, you can go to the DC Olympic Curling Team page to either:

A. Vault them into Olympic stardom, or
B. Help DC get voting representation.

Hats off to these folks for making their point with humor and panache (at least to the Quebecois, eh?).