Maverick Cograts

Congratulations to South African "Twiggy" Baker for the upset win at the 2006 Mavericks Big Wave Surf Contest. There were a lot of 40-footers and the 6-8 wave sets were pretty tight and dangerous (naturally!).

If you want to see it on TV, NBC will broadcast it on May 13.

There are a few decent writeups on the contest, if you look around.


Anonymous said...

That wave looks, um, different from the waves in your own picture...

Anonymous said...

How are surfing and poetry related for you anyway?

Doc Mara said...

Um...anonymous...there really aren't any waves in my picture. If there were, I would be out there wiping out repeatedly and eating sand. As it was, it was a glassy morning, and I thought it best to take pictures rather than just stay inside.

As for the "surfing" and "poetry" thing, they hold a lot of interesting relationships for me. At root, surfing is something I aspire to do in every activity--whether trying to stand on fiberglass in a chaotic ocean, trying to order words and metaphors into interesting juxtapositions, or trying to present ideas to students who want to cut their own path across a shifting and seemingly chaotic world.

For the record, I'm not a good surfer--I'm only a dilettante. That's part of the reason I admire the insane surfers who can take on monster waves or dangerous surf like Pipeline.