One of the holy grails (yes, there are many) in startup companies is creating a sense of transparency without giving away your proprietary "secret sauce." Tesla motors--perhaps the most prominent automotive startup commercializing electric vehicles--is trying to walk this line by using a variety of blogs to personalize some of the company accomplishments.

Other startups could learn a thing or two by studying and emulating this approach.


Your New Mavericks Champion

Nice job Greg Long! Twenty four seems old in the surf world, but it's not too old for big wave surfing.


January Thaw

Today, Fargo made it up to 41 degrees. How did sport and I celebrate this near-record event? We went for a run, of course.
I didn't even bother to groom, the sunny joy had me so intoxicated.

I know. I'm getting dangerously close...

The best part was that our chosen detour from course prepping included the ability to wear shorts in the January weather.