Your New Mavericks Champion

Nice job Greg Long! Twenty four seems old in the surf world, but it's not too old for big wave surfing.


Sport said...

Now I feel really old. But congrats to Long for carving it up.

Kace said...

Gropius had to work on the Jetta otherwise I was thinking about suggesting a daytrip to Half Moon Bay.

NYTimes has a great article describing the physics and oceanolography of the competition, too.

B said...

That's cool.

And to think that I used to live a stone throw away from THE spot, not to mention that Jeff Clark's brother (yes, THAT Clark) attempted to kill... I mean teach me how to surf... that Half Moon Bay water is cooooold. I could not even unzip the wet suit. It is very funny now. I didn't think it was then. So, never really went back to the water and stayed on land on two wheels.

No, and I had no idea for years who Jeff Clark was or about Mavericks (heck, I even went to his shop a few times) until I moved to the island and began to get my feet wet. Literally.