Curling as Political Protest

If you want to help Washington D.C. get representation with their taxation, you can go to the DC Olympic Curling Team page to either:

A. Vault them into Olympic stardom, or
B. Help DC get voting representation.

Hats off to these folks for making their point with humor and panache (at least to the Quebecois, eh?).


Kevin said...

Sweet, but for a real curling blog go here: http://curlingblog.com/

Mike Panetta said...

Thanks for the link! You're helping spread the word about our plight in DC, which is the whole point of our team.

Doc Mara said...


They may not be as "real" in the curling world, but I think that is part of their point. By the way, I think my shoulder has fully healed from our last curling match.


Great to have you actually come to this humble blog. Good luck getting out the story. If curling managed to fight its way to the Olympics, I think you all have a chance to get some representation.