The Definition of Optimism

The guy at the bottom of this photo created this sortashocking ode to the guy at the top of the photo. I actually went to school with Halcyon Styn, the pink-perched and camera-bedecked compiler of the diptych (we graduated the same year, and were fellow members in the UofR Yeomen).

Here's the punchline. When I look at the guy at the top, I think "problem." When Halcyon sees the picture, he thinks "passion" and makes the diptych. Halcyon, my friends, demonstrates what we call optimism.

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Sport said...

Optimism bordering on psychosis, mind you, but optimism all the same. This is the same friend who explained the "optimism tax" to us. It boils down to getting burned once in a while because you trust. I'm so glad it works for him and others because I'm a right cynic. Go halcyon.