Life is Good

People don't often count their blessings in public. Let me just describe three:

1. My morning run with sport over the Red River (and, believe it or not, through the "woods" of Island Park) was followed by a nice cappuccino at Babb's.
2. We found some nice spring onions at the downtown Fargo farmer's market yesterday.

and lest you believe that my only concerns are gastrointestinal

3. I have seen more beautiful and colorful thrushes here than in my entire stay in Ohio (although I'm still looking out for raptors!).

Hope you all get a chance to get outside and enjoy the summer.


Kris said...

Hey Andy: Glad to see all is well and you're settled in beautiful, new surroundings. Kevin and I did buy that boat we were talking about, just last weekend--no digital pics yet, but soon. Take it easy.


Doc Mara said...


So you finally got the boat. Send me the pics when you get them.

Maybe you could do a podcast at the dock?