Sunday BakeBlogging

My hyper-mediating colleague Marshall wanted me to blog about the 5k "Run Through State U" on Saturday (in case you want to know, it was pretty uneventful, outside of the fact that the nice young woman who toured me around campus during my on-campus interview came up and re-introduced herself).

No dice, Marshall. Today I clear the deck to bring you these beautiful LOAVES O' LOVE. The recipe for these multi-multi grain loaves came from one of Sport's former colleagues (appropriately enough, a medievalist). They have cracked wheat, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, all purpose flour, whole wheat flour (North Dakota stone ground, incidentally), wheat germ, yeast, a little shortening, water, honey, and molasses. Oh, and we used an egg and milk wash with sesame seeds on the outside. We've already had some of the bread with some local honey. Low carb is for the insane, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Have all traces of BG been erased? You seem to have eradicated us from your system. Was it that bad? Former students want to know.

Doc Mara said...

Um...anonymous...that certainly isn't the case. BG was where I started my professorial career and I have quite a few fond memories of students and colleagues. Is there something Falcon-ish that you want to celebrate or discuss? I take requests.