Conversation in one of my Grad Classes

student: I think a lot of things depend upon the suspension of disbelief.
me: Wow! I just blogged about that yesterday.
student: I don't read your blog. Sorry.
me: Oh.


Anonymous said...

Sorry? How odd...

Doc Mara said...

I don't talk up my blog much (unless it happens to be a semester that my students are required to blog--this semester they created podcasts, so no dice there).

This student is a neo-Platonist, so I think authenticity is a big deal.

I actually thought it was funny that my students might think that referring to a blog means that I want them to go right out and read it (or that I wish they had already read it). I think it has something to do with the fact that they all live on Facebook.

Overall, my students are VERY funny this semester. I can't remember a semester I have laughed so hard. I wish I could just use decibel measurements instead of evaluation scores.

stephen said...

Well, now I have to take it back because I read your blog, at least this one. And for the record, I'm all for gauging our scores in terms of decibels instead of traditional grading methods. I'd like a measurement somewhere between 90-100 dB. Just one correction, I don't really think of myself as a neo-platonist, I'd prefer to think of myself as a neo-scholastic though I do think that there is a disconnect of higher cognition and base function, which isn't very scholastic, but that is really one of the few points I differ on.

Doc Mara said...

Just as I planned! No, thanks for stopping by. What is your understanding of the neo-scholastics?