A Dilemma

I have a confession. I think I lost a DVD from Netflix. Now, they are pretty good about it, and let you just fess up and pay $20 for it. Problem is, if I slow down my movie viewing enough, I don't have to replace it right away. Of course, if you use Netflix Calculus (CalcuFlix?), you realize that you are losing about 10 bucks per month for not just reducing your movie allotment from three to two. I'm probably going to pay up soon, despite the fact that I have already probably spent more for the delay than it would have cost to just replace the darn thing in the first place. It's what economists call "sunk costs," and I have no qualms about walking away when I'm down to avoid losing even more (I'm a Vegas nightmare, baby!).

Here's my dilemma. What do I call this phenomenon of clogging up one queue space with a missing disc?

The missing Flix?

A wounded queue?


Sport said...


lost in queue

non-optimal queuespace

LK said...

Queue-is interruptis?

Lance said...