How Are YOUR Brackets Hanging?

In an earlier post, I mentioned that Wisconsin looked good enough to win the Men's NCAA Tourney. Well, that was then (when they were peaking) and this is March (as in Madness).

I picked Florida, Georgetown, Memphis, and UCLA as my final four when it came down to crunch time. My felt tip pen glided right past all but one of the #1 seeds for that magical quatrain of trochaic monometer (Gators, Hoyas, Tigers, Bruins). I might have snuck Wisconsin in if they weren't in the same regional site as Florida (they certainly DO fit the mascot poetic foot requirement). Yes, I have the Gators winning it all, AGAIN (meanwhile, my doghouse pick, Ohio State managed to dodge the bullet I was convinced was laser-engraved with "tOSU").

Alas, I was not as prescient with the women's tourney. I decided to choose "soft" Duke to win it all and was surprised (a bit) when "Gut-rers" pulled it out.

How'r YOUR Brackets Hanging these days?

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