Don't Mess with Jack Bauer

The next baddie in Jack's sights? Global Warming


DC said...

I was hoping for some kind of Jack Bauer teams up with Greenpeace kind of thing, but I guess we can all live with disappointment.

In other news, I'm really not convinced that CARBON is the worst thing that we're polluting the environment with.

(yes, I realize it's not pure carbon)

Doc Mara said...

It's not the carbon, it's what a higher concentration of airborne carbon does to the radiant energy of the sun. If the climate science is correct, we are in for a pretty bumpy ride. The Pentagon is workshopping this (desertification, increase in regional instability, drought, famine, etc.). Global Insurance companies have already been working some pretty catastrophic stuff into their formulas. When the people who depend upon conservative, accurate predictions of the near future put their money behind "worry," I worry too. The American Enterprise Institute and Exxon has even abandoned the "Global Warming is fake," "It's only the sun," and "It's not so bad" skepticism.

The other stuff is bad too, but it doesn't seem to have quite the far-reaching consequences that carbon does.