Who's Your BCS Daddy?

Stewart Mandel (a CNN/SI sports writer) sums up his argument for Ohio State and LSU to be in the BCS "title" game. I like his rhetorical prestidigitation when arguing for Ohio State's "lock" status:

"Say what you want about the oft-criticized Buckeyes. They won a conference championship in one of the six recognized major conferences, and they were the only one of the six to make it through with just one loss. Like it or not, Ohio State has come the closest of any team to "earning" a spot in the title game."


"Exclude non-cartel teams like undefeated Hawaii and nine-game-in-a-row winner BYU. Ignore the obvious solution, an 8 or 16 team playoff. Pick Ohio State because they are in a conference without a championship, have a massive home field advantage, and reek of eau de bandwagon . You can't buy better logic than that, right? I think I hear my Lord entering the manor. Please genuflect."


Sport said...

"recognized" ??? I'm sorry the WAC - never heard of them. La la la - I don't recognize you.

LK said...

All I hear is "blah blah blah undefeated Hawaii blah blah blah."

Doc Mara said...

I'm thinkin' that's better than "blah blah blah we deserve to be in because BCS blah blah blah ignore two losses blah blah blah who needs a playoff when we should automatically be in the National Championship blah blah blah stadium size blah blah 1932 blah..."

But maybe not.

Lance said...

I only know three things on this subject. One, my Tigers got declawed by OU, bigtime. Which sucks, bigtime. Two, I'm SICK OF OHIO STATE, and I've only lived in Ohio for 16 months. Three, this BS about "recognized" conferences was pretty seriously weakened last bowl season by a little school called Boise State.

Doc Mara said...

Perfect example of passive voice deployment.

"And who do you suppose recognizes these conferences? Perhaps sycophantic sports columnists?"

The final straw in the OSU camel slaying was when I saw OSU schedule cups advertised in Bowling Green.

Across the street from the BGSU stadium.

Keefer said...


Doc Mara said...

I believe the proper chant for an Arizonan is "go Wildcats!"

I suppose that the density of relocated midwestern snowbirds gives both Michigan and Ohio State home field advantage whenever they play in Tempe or Glendale.

Keefer said...

Technically, I'm a Sun Devil, but with seven years in Ohio under my belt and eighteen in Pittsburgh, it's only ever: GO BUCKS! or GO STILLERS!

Doc Mara said...

I guess you might as well cheer for the Buckeyes. State money that was supposed to go to help your education has been diverted to OSU's football program for years. You (and your parents) probably paid for that semi-pro ballclub.

Oh, and you wouldn't be the first snowbird to not notice that Arizona has several college and pro football teams.

At least the snowbirds know how to cheer for the Suns and Diamondbacks!

Doc Mara said...

That sounded really, really cold. I'm sorry for your loss.

Keefer said...

That just sounded cold because you're in Fargo, where it's supposed to be cold (but isn't) and I'm in AZ, where it's supposed to be warm (but isn't).

I LOVE the Suns! I watch every game I can sneak at other people's houses as I decided to go without cable as of August. Steve Nash is my hero.

Been to a few Diamondbacks games, but, honestly, I haven't loved baseball since the early-'90s Pirates.

As for other college teams, I go to ASU Sun Devil games when I can or just listen on the radio. And, I did manage to shed a few tears watching BG go down in their bowl game.

So, let's review:

1. Steelers
2. Buckeyes
3. Suns
4. Diamondbacks / Sun Devils
5. Falcons

P.S. Cheering for whatever team is winning is about the only thing snowbirds know how to do, other than cause accidents and drive up property taxes :p

Doc Mara said...

I'm glad you are working some of he local culture into your sports fanaticism. I tease you about being a snowbird because that is pretty much all I heard about on the radio when going to junior high and high school in the "Valley of the Sun."