Raiders of the Lost Art

Last night, sport and I went to the opening event of the Fargo Film Festival, a screening of the now-legendary fan homage to filmmaking, Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation. The two directors were in attendance and taking questions, which I suppose is pretty nice.

I have one problem with these events. These SoCal visitors always come off a tad...well...snooty. I'm pretty sure I spent just about as much of my life in Southern California as these guys have. I'm also pretty sure that between my New Media and Old Media experience making films, music, soundtracks, podcasts, and other assorted goodies makes me more than qualified to ask some craft questions (like about their storyboarding, production decisions, etc.) as well as more general life questions. Still, I don't like the way these events frame audience members as local rubes who MUST ask questions like "aw shucks, how do you feel being so durn inspire-ational?"

The really poor-quality fan tribute was amazingly watchable and fun. Too bad the Q&A session wasn't nearly as fun.


sport said...

Yeah, they were mildly snooty. It was not the forum for the kind of questions you would ask. Maybe you are too snooty for rube questions.

Doc Mara said...

I'm certainly a snoot, but not snooty enough to actually ASK my snooty question. So, I leave these "film" "festivals" to the country folk. Maybe I'll get the DVD on Netflix when it comes out, have my own screening, and then answer questions from the stuffed animal gallery.