Hawaii 2011 (Day Ten)

This was day we circled to board the plane, which, means that we had to get a lot packed in. Our queen of hospitality, LK, was nice enough to give us some amazing French-press coffee. Not only did she not complain about our coffee snobbery, she pretty much exceeded our skills at placating caffeinated savagery.

Before departing back to the mainland, we knew that we had to see where LK works--The East-West Center. Yes, kids, this is where the magic happens. ALL of the magic.

Fortunately, there was an exhibit from North Korea when we visited. I like the way that this artist mixed both photo-realistic techniques with some of the more rough-hewn elegance of traditional brushstrokes.

As we walked the campus at the University of Hawaii, I was pretty amazed at how much it resembles Fargo year-round. Or something. Not jealous. Nope.

This lion with the groovy eyewear was just BEGGING for a snap with the Docs Marai.

I had seen a sala before, but never one quite this beautiful (and never one on a campus). There are many days that I wish I had a quiet outdoor space for contemplation.

I had been begging LK and Miriam to allow me to go to Hank's Haute Dogs since LK had first mentioned it (and, no, it's not because this guy featured it on his train wreck of a show). The carnage of being dragged through Fierispeak did catch my attention, but it was mostly the lobster dog that attracted my interest.

The interior at Hank's was both inviting and minimalist clean. I love me some modernist postmodern food.

LK opted for the Hawaiian, with with pineapple relish, passion fruit mustard and grilled sweet Maui onions.

Mirm and I shared the Lobster Dog (described as "Lobster sausage seared in butter then dressed with garlic aioli, relish and pickled takuan radish"). We bought a side of truffled mac-and-cheese and house made ginger soda (Hammer, I'll let you know who wins the ginger-off).

After lunch, we had to get rid of all of the gear we had accumulated coming to Hawaii. Our snorkel gear was barely used. Luckily, it served its secondary purpose of signaling our gender to onlookers. Thanks Snorkel Bob!

One of the drawbacks of Oahu is how built up it is. I find the development quite stunning (both positively and negatively stunning).

Our final dinner was at a distinctively Hawaiian kind of Japanese restaurant.

This place has a bit more in the way of food that you might find in a restaurant in Japan (not just sushi). It seems like the Hawaiian Japanese restaurants also have more garlic. Lots more garlic.

The appetizers were probably the best thing we had. The spicy tuna was particularly amazing.

The curry was quite different than Middle Eastern curry (more like gravy than a broth). It was good, but not nearly as good as the appetizers.

Tempura with ponzu sauce? Always good, of course.

Benito busted out the modestly-floral Hawaiian shirt for just this occasion. Naturally, LK decided to up the ante with these decorative earrings designed to be brandished. I think LK was signaling that she was "lo" on her beverage.

Yes, Mirm and I were pretty dang content pre-departure.


Sport said...

Want: Irifune appetizers. Right now!!

LK said...

Hokay. I got more than a little behind on this, but glad to see the rest of the Hawaii trip posts. Loved seeing stuff I ate too! And yes, Kim is quite the Cabernet Sauvignon. ;)