Read an Albuquerque Journal article about a TNT film having trouble finding Native American extras for a miniseries about the West through the eyes of Native Americans and European American settlers:

"It's a tough movie," Brink said. "It really centers on the treatment of Native Americans."
    She said finding American Indian extras has been a challenge. The casting director is seeking American Indians to represent multi-generational families and hundreds of Indian males between the ages 18 and 50 who are fit or trim and have long hair. Horseback and bareback riding experience is also a plus.
    Anglo extras of all ages are needed as well.

Need plenty of American Indian men to take off their shirts and ride bareback. Yep, I guess they know their audience--a few crunchy folk get thrown a "historical balance" bone and the chair jockeys get to identify with victorious "Anglo" pudgy folk and catch an eyeful of heaving, half-naked bowflex-junkie Native American bareback-riding mystics lamenting their eventual demise. Didn't anyone tell the casting director that Indians are extinct???

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