Blogging the blogs at the Cs

Well, I suppose I could add to the detail about the 4Cs to anyone who is out there pinging the blogosphere.

1. I'm presenting on the use of blogs in faculty development (I know, get in line).
2. I slightly disagree with Dr. B's comment about San Francisco and homelessness. I don't link seeing homelessness. I don't like homelessness period, but I HATE homelessness that is pushed out of sight even more.
3. The departmental parties here are much better than MLAs, in my opinion. Folks go from one party to another, and there doesn't seem to be the same sorts of heirarchy issues I get at MLA parties.
4. Flying into San Francisco is one of my favorite experiences. Seeing the plant-y topography, crazy modifications and architecture from a bird's eye while slowing down from 500 to 155 mph is sublime.
5. Haven't had a chance to meet bloggerman Steven Krause. One day left.
6. If you've been following on the h-rhetor listserv on blogging and the impossibility of finding a particular blog--welcome.


Dr. B. said...

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to see the homelessness pushed out of sight, I want homelessness to be a thing of the past. Most of the homeless people that I saw were mentally ill or impaired in some way. I want to see our government doing something to help these folks and the homeless in general. When the US is home to people like Bill Gates who have more money than God there is no reason for homelessness or a lack of nationalized health care. My original comment was just that I don't like San Francisco :-)

Doc Mara said...

Dr. B. I hear ya on all counts. Living here in Ohio, most of the people think that homelessness doesn't even exist. I want it solved. I think we can and should solve it.

Incidentally, what kinds of cities do you like? D-town? New York? Small towns?