Cs presentation on blogging

Before you start, let me refer you to Steven Krause's 4Cs presentation on Blogs and the Writerly Life. If you weren't at the workshop, Steven hits the highlights of why you might (or might not) want to consider blogging. If you were at the workshop, Steven's case for blogging is probably more concise and eloquent than any particular one I gave.

Here is the PowerPoint slide presentation of "Blogs as a Faculty Development Tool: Modding Your Way to a Better Career."

Examples of Websites I refer to in the presentation:

Johndan Johnson-Eilola's "Datacloud."
Clay Spinuzzi's "Eyes of Texas Are Upon You"
Dr. B's Blog
Michael B�rub�'s Blog

Odds and ends:

Drop me an email if you have questions, or want more information. Thanks to all of you who showed up on a sunny Saturday in San Francisco.

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