Johndan Letting it all hang out

I remember reading Johndan Johnson-Eilola's writing when I was in graduate school (right about the time he left Purdue for Clarkson). Reading his books was one of the ways that I distanced myself from the stuffy Literature and carping Creative Writing Types. Reading Nostalgic Angels and such just made you feel cooler. Recently, his blogs and writing have seemed....well....academic (or just not quite as "ubercool"). His recent posts on painting his fingernails and wiping his hard drive seemed a bit confessional and gratitutous at first (at least for the editor of the stodgy Central Works in Technical Communication), but the more I think about it, the more I like to see these glimpes of the *old* Dr. Johnson-Eilola--the bad boy of Tech Comm. Welcome back Johndan.


johndan said...

"Stodgy"--ow. But, yeah, you're right. It's taken me a while to get comfortable on the weblog. For a long time, I didn't consider it as a publication--it was mostly just where I sent links I wanted to be able to find later, given that I really do trash my hard drive accidentally twice a year, and needed someplace I could put important web links. Lately, after starting to pay attention to my trackbacks and referrer logs, I see it more of publication, albeit one without much editing or continuity, so I guess that's opened me up some

Doc Mara said...

Only stodgy in a "building the field," "anchoring a discipline in respectability," and "I wish I had been involved in that book" sort of way. Still, every intro in that text kind of says "scholarship requirements made me take the really cool stuff out"--the kind of stuff you used to put in your articles/books (and is definitely in datacloud and datacloud 1.1 (deadtree). It's showing up more in your blog, and I likes it.