Welcome to the "Blogos"phere

Professor Hawhee just started a new blog. She studies rhetoric and is an expert on rhetoric and the body. This is not surprising to me, since when I was at Penn State, I tried my best to rope her into playing for my intramural basketball team (she was a year behind me when I was an M.A. student). You see, she played Tennessee basketball for HOF coach Pat Summitt. I needed to know little else, but got a chance to mix it up with her (along with much of the Philosophy department and my roomie Dr. Grass) in pickup basketball games. Although I was totally bummed when she didn't join the team (she did so the next year AFTER I had left for another Ph.D program), I knew that she would go far if she studied as hard as she played.

In short, give her blog a read. In long, give all of her scholarship a read. It's that good.

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