I take it back, Mr. Lucas

I take it all back, Mr. Lucas. Your recent movies are EVERY BIT as good as the original Star Wars.

Now, please can I come and work for you here?

Read about Lucas' new studio built at the old San Francisco Presidio here. Suh-wheat!


C.S. Keefer said...

Now, I'm not the biggest of Star Wars fans; in fact, I'd never seen one of them until I started dating my ex-boyfriend. This was pre-Episode 1. When Blain had to work the day before Episode 1 tickets were to go on sale at our local megaplex, I dutifully waited in line for 12 hours and bought those tickets.

After seeing the new incarnation of Star Wars, I have to question Lucas' motives. Yes, fans are climbing over each other to see these new installments. Yes, Lucas has spent the last 20 years cultivating impressive hardware, software, and slave labor to make his movies. But, in the end, I think that Episodes I, II, & II are kind of like cloning. Cloning messes with the natural order of things. Going back and making new Star Wars movies AFTER the original and--at the time--stunning movies just doesn't sit right with me. They're pretty and shiny and easy to watch. The new movies are too Lucas Films and not enough Star Wars heart.

Doc Mara said...

I agree. I think that Lucas left the building a long time ago (in a galaxy, far....wait a minute!). Still, these new digs represent a chance for him to do two new things.

1.) be closer to the "digital eye-candy studios" (Skywalker Ranch is a distance from the post-production and CG studios who did bigger and bigger pieces of his movies).

2.) It will let new talent infuse THEIR "heart" into the projects. Lucas could give a longer leash knowing that he could see it develop. I would like to see these uberkids take a stab at writing stories into the new aesthetic.