Friday Teacher Blogging

Your sixth grade teacher. Sixth grade happens during that age between innocence and the "Lord of the Flies" boot camp that is Junior High. Sixth grade is the year that helps you learn how to pick up your books and straighten your clothes after you've been tripped. Your sixth grade teacher was the person who helped you break out from the expectation that family political tricks to solve everything.

Go back and thank your sixth grade teacher. I did. As soon as I came back from my year abroad, I went and saw Ms. Baumann to thank her for all of the inspiration she serendipitously slipped into my day. While I was busy racking up a record for after-school detentions (mostly for speaking out of turn or forgetting to bring my homework), she patiently showed the class her adventures in "Up With People" (yes, the "Up With Everthing" parody in the Simpsons actually refers to a real group). Her pictures of travelling in Europe and her singing eventually convinced this rez boy to try some new and unusual things--like becoming an English major and a voice minor. Ms. Baumann broke our hearts and eventually became Patricia Ore (only kidding--we are all happy for her) and has worked her way up to principal. I'm sure she is a stellar administrator, just as I am sure she is still helping adults-in-training to learn how to take risks and to ignore the initial social stigma of being different and bold. Thanks teacher!


Anonymous said...

All the teaching blogs are too positive! Didn't you ever have a negative experience with a teacher?

Doc Mara said...

That is an odd question, Anonymous. Teachers have been some of the most positive people I've ever met. I guess I'm just reporting my experiences accurately.