Odds 'n Ends

Ms. Mentor has a great column at the Chronicle. My favorite lines:

After all, taking sides puts everyone in a category, and academics love to categorize. Whole subject areas are built on classifying, polarizing, separating, labeling, and dating. Subtle and unsubtle distinctions are the bread of life. If you are not a Platonist, perhaps you're a Freudian, a Marxist, a Whig, or a dendrophile.

But Professor Stickler's cohorts seem to have reduced it all to one question: Are you Dean Titan's toady?


Perhaps Dean Titan knows exactly what he's doing: Words are pronounced the way I pronounce them, because I Am the Head Nabob in Charge.


Go read the whole thing at the Chronicle and drop her a nice note. She's been through a lot, as have all of the Louisiana and Alabama residents who were in Katrina's path.

Item #2. Here's a picture of Dr. Michael Bérubé a few years ago.

I can't help but think I saw this in an A Ha video. Take on me? Take me on? (I'm only kidding, Dr. B.)


Anonymous said...

I never knew Berube was such a dandy.

Doc Mara said...

Smartly dressed. Cooly coiffed. Dangerous and bloggy.

Yeah, he does it all.