Wednesday BakeBlogging

Made two loaves of Coccodrillo (Italian crocodile) Bread. It's name, which means "crocodile" in Italian, comes from the scaly-looking crust. It has an incredibly crisp crust, a very dense and chewy crumb, and an amazing taste. The starter includes dark porter, which helps create the yeasty flavor along with the semolina flour. It takes more than a day to make because of the starter, but it is totally worth it.


Lance said...

Damn that looks good!Did you do that in a regular (i.e., home) oven?

Doc Mara said...

Aye. That's the best part. It wasn't even at 500 degrees. 400 degress on a regular baking sheet.

LK said...


And, wow!

You guys are my bake-heros!