Early-Mid-Life Crisis

When I played tennis in college the conditioning mark that we were supposed to meet before we started the season was running two miles in twelve minutes. I never quite hit that mark.

Well...now I'm trying to see if I can make good on what I couldn't do at 19 years of age. I'm currently able to run that pace for three minutes. Only nine more to go.



Kace said...

I'm working on running (at any pace) right now. The state-competitor on my HS cross country team ran 6-minute miles, so if you were a girl, that'd be really good for HS. I have no clue about guy-wise.

So, keep up the good work! When you decided to run across ND, I'll be on the support team!

Doc Mara said...

Thanks Kace. If I can actually do it for two miles (shorter than X-Country routes), I'll be a happy camper. It's better than good enough for me, and that's what I'm concentrating on.

Keep up the good work yourself. Running may not always be fun, but it certainly is pretty cool.

Mike @ Vitia said...

I did 2 miles at 11:09 once. At 24. In the Army.

Those days will never return.

Sport said...

I'd much rather experience the day after sprinting than the day after yoga. Of course, I'm not trying to keep up w/ Doc. I'm just going faster than my normal slowness.

Doc Mara said...

Mike, if I had been able to run two miles in 11:09, I shudder to think what I would be trying to accomplish now.

And sport, you still run circles around me.