Park That Anywhere!

On a recent walk, sport and I encountered a few WWII airplanes (a Mustang and a Corsair, to be semi-precise).
Of course, it was kind of cool to see them parked next to a WWII-vintage theater, but I don't think that we are now creating chronological zoning ordinances. I mean, planes still belong at the airport, no?


LK said...

What, you all don't fly to the theater?

I was ready to ask if you could overlook the encroachment on your city streets and just "let biplanes be biplanes" but have to concede that this pun is not applicable to these aircraft...

(You know at the back of the New Yorker, where they make up words to express something that a word doesn't exist for? I bet there is a word that could be made for when someone insists on sharing their pun even while conceding that it doesn't work in the current situation...)

Sport said...





Doc Mara said...



Not pun-shy?


LK said...

Yes, I reckon my behavior has been "pundifensible".... I deserve punishment. (Solitary punfinement, perhaps.)

I was so hoping you both would come out and play wordsmith. I couldn't think of anything, myself!