I Spy

Things I spotted today in the shared work refrigerator:

  • spring mix
  • acorn squash stuffed with wholegrain rice
  • mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheeses
  • grape tomatoes
  • pistachio rice salad
  • Sobe
  • hummus


LK said...

Sounds lovely! I'll have the pistachio rice salad, please.

The shared refrigerator on my floor at the Center is like a lab experiment gone bad. Foul foul foul. I glanced into it briefly over a year ago and I'm still trying to scour the sensory experience from my memory...

DC said...

With that list, you could almost be in Boulder County, CO.

I wonder if the freezer would tell a different story though.

Doc Mara said...

Interestingly, DC, lk is from Boulder. LK, DC currently lives and works there. Home-grown Boulderite meet newbie Boulderite. This magic courtesy of a Fargo office fridge.

LK said...

It also crossed my mind that I Spy list sounded like home... I look forward to the freezer list.

Nice to 'meet' you DC. Enjoy Boulder for me. The recent spate of stabbings were so unusual. Nothing to worry about....

B said...

Well, we don't even have a shared fridge anymore. Or a microwave oven.

They were recently removed by the hazmat team.

And. Our chief has decided to turn the faculty 'lounge' into office spaces.

In lieu of these appliances and in our efforts to conserve energy campus wide, it was suggested that individuals should get, at least, a mini fridge in their offices.

Boy, my head hurts.

LK said...

Island consumption rules, man.

Sport said...

B - my head hurts too. Get your own kilowatt-hogging mini fridge! Sigh. Have you fallen back on pb&j sandwiches for lunch?