Hawaii 2011 (Day Four)

After the Magnum P.I. waterman day, we knew that we wanted to add a little more fitness to the routine. After all, Magnum had a steel breastplate under all that chesthair, and he didn't get it by going to picnics and sitting on the patio at the King Kamehamea club drinking beers (or did he).

We started the day with a wonderful breakfast of homemade granola, yogurt, dried cherries, and honey, thanks to Linda K., and quickly got to the business of running around Diamond Head to the Saturday Farmer's Market (it seems that it helps to get there early).

All was shaping up for fitness and the ability to get into Magnum P.I.-tight shorts (if one wanted to do this). Just then, we encountered a bit of a hitch. Soul had a booth at the market.

For the record, we SHARED the crab benedict with mango hollandaise and the "chilaquiles." We walked back to the apartment, so I figure that we worked off second breakfast. Our colorful friend seems a little suspicious of my logic, however:

Fortunately for us, the Honolulu Festival was in town. We walked to downtown Honolulu to watch hula, Japanese, Chinese, and other Pacific cultural performances. Despite the tragedy in Japan, several Japanese groups were able to come and perform (they had left before the destruction, we guessed).

Although it was all interesting, we were particularly blown away by an indigenous Australian dancing/music/culture group called "Descendance."

Of course, no walk downtown would be complete without a stop in to the Surfrider for a few tropical drinks. Despite the plastic cups, these Mai Tais were more authentic than yesterday's megadrinks at the Elks/KK club.

Of course, the view was the real attraction to this little corner of paradise.

After watching others on their boards, I'm starting to get the itch myself.

Although the running and walking seemed to help get us back on track, we didn't want Supper Club: Hawaii Edition to destroy the work/leisure balance so crucial to the Island Detective Lifestyle™. For dinner, we used much of what Linda K. found at the market.

Corn sprouts (which taste like corn!), blue sweet potatoes, local plum tomatoes, feta, and bread made this dinner particularly healthy, while it tasted like you just pulled everything out a garden (which we kind of did).

Of course, Benito was there to pour drinks (in this case, lychee saketinis), and add to the laid-back vibe. Our friends put the magnum in Magnum.


Sport said...

Those lychee saketinis were yummy, but I think the corn sprouts were the biggest surprise.

Doc Mara said...

Those corn sprouts really were unbelievable.

LK said...

More great pics! Don't freakin' mess with me and my loaf of bread! Clearly, the bartender is way more laid back. ;) (You know we developed that lycheetini recipe ourselves?)
You haven't actually been downtown. That would be a REALLY long walk. Haven't gotten you beyond Waikiki yet!
What you call blue sweet potatoes are what are usually referred to as Okinawan sweet potatoes.
Greens and corn sprouts were from 'Nalo Farms -- those are the "world famous" Nalo Greens! http://www.nalo-farms.com/ (I actually learned about Nalo Farms' corn sprouts from the Splendid Table podcast. They grow them in the dark in a shed.)

LK said...

And I just noticed the pineapples there in the last pic, behind Benito. Not a prop!

B said...

Ejém! The bartender says those were lycheetinis, not Lyche saketinis. :D

joann flood said...

^Mom says^

Looks and sounds delightful.

Doc Mara said...

I was just going to say that we walked to "Hawaii," because, you know, Waikiki IS Hawaii to us haoles. ;P