Hawaii 2011 (Day Five)

As my childhood guru used to say, Sunday's fun day, and this Sunday was no exception. In order to prepare for the difficult hike, LK made us breakfast of soyrizo and eggs (I THINK this memory is correct--our "host with the most," LK reminded me that my last breakfast was not the homemade granola, but rather fantastic chocolate croissants that 'Ito picked up for us before he joined us at the sunset picnic). After some coffee and eats, 'Ito, took us up to the Kolowalu trailhead and we were off!

I was thrilled, if a bit nervous about trekking up the side of a dormant volcano covered in red mud and all sorts of creeping vine-like things. I hope my hesitation didn't show TOO much.

Other than the slightly "Raiders of the Lost Ark" feel to this initial ascent, it was a perfect way to get a good view of Honolulu and the surrounding ridges (on a side note, I'm not entirely sure that even this height would have saved us from the future Hawaiian tsunami of doom).

Of course, one has to ignore a few signs to get this kind of view. *heh*

Of course, marked trails cannot compare with a guide (and some...um...handholds and ropes) when trying to find the best path. Our guide, 'Ito, provided excellent guidance which, had I not cramped up, would have likely gotten us to the summit.

Our reward beyond the view and sense of accomplishment, fish tacos at South Shore Grill for lunch, an ocean swim, and some pretty fantastic Indian food with Benito and LK at dinner. Who says Sunday's fun should be all work?


Sport said...

Fish tacos and BEER!

B said...

Nice views! Cheers!

Doc Mara said...

The views were absolutely spectacular. Thanks for showing us how to have fun while we burn calories!

LK said...

Thanks for the link to the mega-tsunami video. I haven't watched that since I moved here.

Doc Mara said...

That was 'Ito who introduced us to that. Of course, he ALSO talked about the HH surf instructor who nearly died (BEFORE I took the lessons). He's got a dark side, that guy.

LK said...

Still laughing at this pic of 'Ito looking at the Indian food.

Luckily, we didn't yet have the story of friend who got a cut on her board and got some of that awesome flesh-eating bacteria. They've gotten it all and she is doing well now. But sooooo scary.