Hawaii 2011 (Day One)

Sometimes, the best parts of the trip are the unexpected surprises. Not today. Mechanical problems with the jet that was supposed to start our journey to Hawaii proved that serendipity doesn't always rule the day.

We made it to Chicago and stayed near the airport. About 12 minutes before our already-delayed flight was supposed to depart, I was aware enough to call the airline. Incidentally, this is a very good idea if you want to get rerouted. For the record, United Airlines was very nice and as accommodating as they could be under the circumstances.

Was it was nice to get out of town? Yes, but there doesn't seem to be any grand lesson to learn in this particular missed connection (beyond obvious humility. Let's be honest here, though--even I don't feel like I'm in control of large jets).

On the plus side, our Chicago hotel bed was nice, and certainly better than staying in O'Hare overnight, which I have done). Next stop, Hawaii?


Sport said...

But, Chicago is Going. The. Wrong. Way. ;)

Doc Mara said...

You have to admit that I was pretty fast on the draw with my phone. : )

Anonymous said...

If this whole professor thing ends up not working out, would you please be a travel facilitator? I think you have earned a right to a little smugness for the quick draw.

Sport said...

You impressed me quit a bit, to be honest. I think we might still be in Fargo had you not had the forethought to get talking, the patience to get through the computer to a human, and the knowledge that mechanical difficulty (rather than acts of the gods and goddesses) meant they owed us.

Doc Mara said...

I'm always thrilled to impress the person sitting next to me in the metaphoric cockpit. I'm glad that it turned out O.K.