Getting the Monkey Off Your Back

Last night, I was driven to the internet to see my alma mater's gladiators dismantle the University of Florida basketball team.

Of course, I am talking about the women's tournament, as the Mountain West teams on the men's side folded faster than a summer deck chair on Mt. Washington. The Lady Lobos not only beat a very talented team in Florida, they utterly destroyed them. Pretty significant for a team, school, and conference accused of not being able to win outside of a home arena. Of course, this criticism is usually levelled at upstart mid-majors who do not know their place. The fact that the Big East, SEC, etc. schedule 20 home games does not merit the same criticism. So, for the Mountain West to win 3 of 3 4 of 4 games in the first round, all in which the MWC team got a lower seeds than their RPI merited means something big.

BTW, I actually like the University of Florida (sport grew up there), and I have their men's team going another two rounds.


Anonymous said...

Go Lobos!!

Doc Mara said...

Everyone's a LOBO!

Anonymous said...

woof, woof, woof.

Sadly, everyone is now a disapointed Lobo.