Living your Work

I worked with Marlene. This story is not just a feel-good puff piece. It really represents who I saw during work and after hours.

Marlene Brown is a pioneer, among the first people in Albuquerque who chose to power their homes with the sun.

"There's a term for people who adopt technology before it's economically feasible: `the early adopters,' " said Jeff Buell, a spokesman for the Public Service Company of New Mexico. "That's what Marlene is. Even before the incentives, she made a commitment to the environment, to alternative energy sources for the sake of her values."

Brown's home on Vassar Drive near the University of New Mexico is powered by a 1.2-kilowatt photovoltaic system installed in May 2004.

At the time, she was teaching an all-female class on installing solar energy systems.

Brown teaches about two hands-on, five-day seminars a year on installing the systems. She'll teach an all women's class at the end of April and a co-ed class in May. Both are through the New Mexico Solar Energy Association.

"I really want to empower women," Brown said. "I really think it's important."

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wacky said...

Great example of living values

Doc Mara said...

I totally agree. Marlene was a really challenging colleague, but she was very laid back as a person. She keeps a sunny disposition while doing really important work.