Tournament Miscellany

1. Sport and I got back from teaching last night (a commute through the driving snow) and promptly went to the new Tony Packo's for a little late-night madness. We watched Adam Morrison pick up the Gonzagaentire team over the really big bump that was Xavier. I think everyone in the building (including the Xavier players) was watching to see if AM would rise to the occasion. When AM was running through double screens and getting smacked in the face, I turned to sport and said "the game is over..." I knew that the smack in the face would center the gawky trucker wunderkid. He made the rest of his shots (free throws, nice lane-penetrators, js, and tres). ESPN's writeup noted the same thing. Apparently, "smack Adam around" was bullet point #1 on the coaches' whiteboards.
2. Damn Syracuse for losing so early. They used to be my perennial "choke" pick, and they got all "we're-gonna-make-a-magical-run" on me with their conference tournament. I'll have to put them back in the perennial "choke" hopper with Arizona and Cinci.
3. Mountain West is now out of every Men's Tournament. Gotta say that San Diego State shoulda' won that game and that Air Force was not the patsy every whiner thought they were. Air Force would have beaten just about every 6 seed and below.
4. I picked the wrong 5-12 upsets. I should have gone with my gut with the Montana game.
5. Comfort food (dumplings, mac-n-cheese, german potato salad, and baked beans) go real well with frenetic CBS game shuttling (I think the smooth and mushy food makes the jarring game changes "stick to the ribs" better).
7. I still think UConn will take it all.

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