Job Wiki

Job Hunters from the Academic Hordes (at least the English and Modern Language studies section of the horde) have been working together on this interesting wiki. I've had colleagues grumble about this wiki, but overall, I agree with Clancy Ratliff. It IS luverli.


Anonymous said...

Followed your blogroll over to Working Blue on a whim and was stunned at the naked hatred of literature scholars. I have felt this emotion recently from the Rhet /Comp people in my own department. What is going on? Should we not be watching each other's backs, when the entire academy is under attack from outside?

Doc Mara said...

Yeah, there seems to be weird sort of death struggle between Rhet/Comp and literature in a lot of departments. Truth be told, I have a background in Lit. and think we are much closer kin than many believe. I too feel the heat of the argument (coming from both sides, really) and try to reach across the aisle by recognizing that much of our work is complimentary, if not identical.