Bowling Greener Pastures

I had an anonymous commenter a few months back question whether Bowling Green State University had ANY affect on me (of course it did, but this raw blog likes to focus on the....NOW...er...NOW of things). Unless you have been in a post-election coma, you know that tOSU is playing Michigan in football this weekend. Besides the fact that I liked spending my time in Ann Arbor much more than circling around Columbus, (and THIS should illustrate why I never approached tOSU's campus within a week of game "day"), I generally resented the state of Ohio for shunting the $$ from non-tOSU schools to offer things like THIS. That is why this post on the OSU/Michigan game is so darn satisfying. Who am I cheering for this game? Why the Falcons, naturally.


Lance said...

It's interesting to watch the OSU vs. U of M madness unfold in BG, which, as you know, seems split pretty evenly between Wolverines and Buckeyes fans. It's like central Illinois with the Cardinals and the Cubs, but much more frenzied and irrational.

And you can bet I'm staying the hell off of I-75 tomorrow.

Doc Mara said...

One of the most irritating things was the McDonalds across the street from the football stadium advertised tOSU schedule cups. And that was when BGSU was in the frackin' top 25.