Today is Democracy Day

I celebrated by voting, but can't find any individuals (outside of the usual political suspects) blogging about it. First blog I find with a post about the election gets onto my blogroll (only applies to those not on my blogroll).
Saw Jenny's post on the election first. Already on the blogroll.
We have a "winner" folks.
Neither Necessary Nor Sufficient (with no caps, really). Thanks for the great post.


LK said...

Since I'm already on your list, I'll comment here.

Just a note on the feeling of community one gets by actually going to your friendly neighborhood polling place. Voting by mail and other early voting options may be necessary for many people, and I hope that they do increase voter turnout (any stats on that?), but they also perpetuate an increasing sense of detachment from our community. Like going to craiglist instead of cruising for garage sales--you get what you need, but you don't meet your neighbors.

Lance said...

Depending on where you live, there may be something to be said for not meeting your neighbors!

No, really, LK, I know what you mean. There is something about the social nature of booth-voting that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (even if I can't be sure, voting as I do on receipt-less Diebold machines, exactly whom or what I'm voting for).

Elizabeth said...

thanks for the honor--it made my warm fuzzies warmer and fuzzier.

Doc Mara said...

LK, Lance, and Elizabeth,

I feel like I should bake a virtual cake and make some coffee to keep the conversation going.

LK said...

I kept meaning to add that we voted with, believe it, PAPER ballots here in Honolulu. So, we go into our little booths and fill in the little bubbles. Then we put our completed ballots back into our top secret folder and go stand in another line to feed them into the shredder...er, scanner.