Every Once in a While

Bitch, Ph.D. has a great post on what good democracy looks like in everyday practice. I won't get wonky here, but she perfectly describes what I try to teach and investigate in my research--embodied practice of good principles.


Tiny said...

Does this civic engagement work if the Papa character in the story does not agree on fundamentals with Bitch PhD? How do we reach across intellectual and and cultural divides?

Doc Mara said...

I think it not only works, it is NECESSARY. The illusion of a disembodied "agreement" is that it means nothing outside of the rituals and practices of democracy. The blackening of the ovals, pulling of the levers, or touching of touch screens is an important interaction, but only one of many, many, many that must be lived and repeated in hair salons, union halls, homes, tennis clubs, sidewalks, auto mechanic shops, etc.