Climbing Out of the Cave

When I moved to Fargo, a friend of mine (who would know all about the area) called it a "cold, dark place." While I don't agree with the overall assessment, getting from solstice to happy can be a slow slog. My last few posts reflect the anticipation and ennui that accompany this trudge to the surface. Although I'm not really that sad, it has been gratifying to have friends and family reassure me with calls to ingest the magic pill.

What is this pill, you ask?

Green chile.

Well, I've been partaking of this magical substance. Yes, it must be grown in New Mexico. Yes, it should be roasted to an even char on the outside and peeled. And, yes, it is best ingested in an almost-pure form in a stew:

or as part of breakfast:

Check, check, and double check.

Much better, thanks!


LK said...

Guess I'm gonna have to change my handle to "DocLK." Glad the prescription helped. Lucky you just happened to have a supply!

Cheers, man.

P.S. Just discovered that our new (to us) burrito place is run by a New Mexican. We plan to head over early and test this out with the BREAKFAST burritos, for the true test.

DC said...

We were driving down the road (here in Colordado) and suddenly noticed a sign for Hatch Green Chile. We almost died in that U-Turn.

Now the ice cream in our freezer has a bit of green chile smell to it.

Sport said...

Mmmm - dose of green chile apple pie saved me from hari kari today.

I'll be needing chile in the eggs tomorrow morning...

Keefer said...



I'm becoming a fan :)