Fun with Science!

What ELSE do you do on the coldest day of the year?

You boil water and throw it in the air to see it freeze before it hits the ground.

Negative thirty degrees can be deadly AND fun!


Kace said...

And did it really freeze? Really??

By extension, will your pee freeze before it hits the ground, too? (not that you'd want to try that experiment personally, of course). I've heard stories of that from a great uncle who did some oil exploration in Alaska back in the 70s.

Doc Mara said...

Most of it froze/evaporated (yes, that is steam).

Can't tell you about pee. There seems to be plenty of frozen dog poo around, though.

B said...

Cool. Now, shouldn't Sport be wearing more layers if it's that cold? At least a hat (and perhaps safety googles :).

DC said...

You know, this is almost enough to make me come out and visit next winter.

Sport said...

B - if you're only going out for a few minutes, no hats are needed. Hell, we came back from the gym in shorts yesterday, when it was -5 with a wind chill of -30. It was fine. Now, don't ask me to stay out in it w/ no protection